Voice Actor

Young in years. Old in soul. Voiced to connect.

Jack Malcolm Sanders Voice Actor

Jack Malcolm Sanders – About


 He’s youthful, chill, and optimistic with strong confidence and natural talent to match. Merely 25 years old, Jack is

wise beyond his years and can easily add a mature flair to his work when called for.


A born artist, Jack was raised by an English teacher and a poet – he feels right at home in words, reading, and the

arts. However, he’s also got a streak of tenacity. Jack moved to France to study psychology and play three years of

semi-professional soccer before pursuing voice acting full-time. In everything he does Jack follows his heart to the

fullest extent.


Jack sees voiceover as an expression of himself through the art of story telling – a way in which to touch the hearts

and minds of his audience through the passage of information and emotion. He has lent this expression to some of

the biggest brands in the world.


 New York native Jack works from his professional-grade home studio equipped with a Sennheiser MKH 416

microphone, UA Apollo Twin X audio interface, and Adobe Audition. If you need an outstanding, innovative, and assured

voiceover actor, look no further than Jack Malcolm Sanders. He’s young in years, old in soul, and voiced to connect.